Fort Jackson Military Defense Attorney

Columbia, South Carolina is the location of Fort Jackson, a military base of the United States Army.  Primarily a location where military personnel go through basic training, Fort Jackson is where many men and women begin their journey in the Army.

Fort Jackson and UCMJ

The Uniform Code of Military Justice is a set of rules and regulations that define service in the military. The UCMJ is federal law, and is the guiding doctrine of operations at Military Bases.

Violations of the UCMJ are serious charges, and can have even more serious implications on your military career. In some cases, a conviction can even result in expulsion from the US Army.

Getting the Legal Help You Need

If you are in legal trouble with the UCMJ, Garrison Military Law can help you. Our team of professionals has extensive experience with the UCMJ, and understands how to fight for you. Schedule a free consultation to learn how Garrison Military Law can fight for you.

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