Air Force Non-Judicial Punishment

As a member of the Air Force, you are held to a higher standard than most civilians, and the military expects your conduct to reflect that. If you have been accused of committing acts that violate the regulations of the Air Force, you could face non-judicial punishment (NJP).

Whether or not you are currently facing NJP, it is important that you understand what it is and the problems that it can cause for growth and advancement in your career.

What is non-judicial punishment?

NJP is covered under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and outlines what type of non-judicial punishment can be imposed on airmen for committing minor offenses.

NJP is inflicted as a way to prevent the need of disciplinary action in the future. However, this type of punishment can be imposed based solely on the discretion of the superior officer utilizing NJP. There is not a trial and often there is no way to provide evidence that you did not commit the offense. For this reason, it is important that you work with an attorney if you believe you are being wrongly accused.

Consequences of Non-Judicial Punishment

There are a lot of factors that can vary in NJP, and the degree to which you will be punished depends on the unique factors surrounding your case including the type of offense that occurred and the rank of both you and your superior officer that is imposing NJP. Consequences typically include confinement to quarters, reduction in rank, partial pay forfeiture, or extra duties.

How We Can Help

If you believe that you have been placed under NJP unfairly, an attorney can help. Attorney Garrison Wood specializes in military defense law and knows how to defend clients successfully under regulations listed in the UCMJ. Contact us for a free review of your case today.

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