Appealing a Courts-Martial Decision

Courts-martial hand down legal decisions when a military service member has been accused of wrongdoing. Courts-martial are the military equivalent of civilian trials. There are different levels of courts-martial that correspond with the severity of the crime.

Appealing the Verdict

Appeals are an essential part of any legal system. A person who has been convicted must have a way to demonstrate flaws in evidence or proceedings. In the military, there are several ways that a decision will be reviewed.

  • For a summary, special, or general court-martial, a convening authority will automatically review the decision. This authority can overturn or lessen the sentence if able to identify issues.
  • Each branch of the military also has a court of appeals that a person convicted at court-martial can appeal to if they have something specific that they believe prevented justice from being served.
  • If the sentence is a discharge from service or jail time of more than a year, the court of appeals for that branch will automatically review the process.

When Can a Lawyer Make a Difference?

Professional guidance shapes the course of legal proceedings. If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime or wrongdoing while in military service, it is essential to get help from a legal team that understands military proceedings.

At The Law Office of Garrison A. Wood, our attorneys know how to work within the military justice system and can help file appeals should it become necessary.

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