Article 127 Extortion

Extortion Defined

According to Article 127 in the Manual of Court Martial, a service member can be found guilty of extortion if he or she threatens another person with the intention of gaining an advantage or an article of value, acquittal, or immunity.

Elements of Extortion

Certain elements must take place in order for a military member to be charged with extortion. These include:

  • The accused communicated a certain threat to the victim.
  • The accused’s intention was to unlawfully obtain any advantage, an article of value, acquittal or immunity from the victim.

Possible Consequences of an Extortion Conviction

If you are found guilty of extortion, you could be punished with dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and up to three years of confinement.

How We Can Help

Extortion is a serious charge with potentially serious consequences. If you’re a military member who has been charged with extortion, it is important to work with an experienced military defense attorney to protect your rights and your future.

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