Article 134: Adultery

The military holds itself to a higher standard than most civilian organizations, and because of that, any service member who is charged with an act that tarnishes the military’s good name or commits an act that brings dishonor to the armed forces can face serious repercussions. This extends into the home as well, making the act of committing adultery illegal under military law.

Adultery in the Military

According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), a service member who is accused of committing adultery could be subject to a court martial. Adultery does not only affect married military members, it also covers situations in which a member of the armed forces engages in sexual relations with a married person outside of the military.

Possible Consequences of Adultery

In the military, service members are held to a higher moral standard than civilians, and so the possibility of facing repercussions due to moral infractions, such as adultery, is higher.

An adultery conviction could end your career in the military, regardless of the amount of time you have served. You could face serious consequences if convicted, including a demotion in rank, serving jail or probation time, or you could be discharged from the military.

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