Article 134: Threat Communicating

In the military, communicating a threat is a punishable offense. If you have been accused of communicating a threat, you could face serious consequences.

What is threat communicating?

Under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, communicating a threat is when one service member threatens to injure another service member, his or her reputation, or his or her property. The accused must also have communicated this threat either to the person being threatened, or to another individual.

Elements of Communicating a Threat

In order to be convicted of communicating a threat, a number of specific elements must have taken place. The elements of this offense include:

  • Communication of intent to cause injury to an individual, his property, or his reputation.
  • The communication of the threat was made known to the individual or to another person.
  • The communication was wrongful.
  • The conduct committed went against the good order and discipline of the armed forces.

Possible Consequences

If convicted of communicating a threat, you could face serious repercussions. The consequences depend on your individual case, but might include forfeiture of allowances and pay, three years confinement, and dishonorable discharge.

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