Assault/Domestic Violence in the Military

Domestic violence is violence that is committed within a household. Typically, this is a conflict between spouses or domestic partners that turns physical, but it could be applied to a repeated pattern of physical abuse.

Domestic Violence in the Military

Domestic violence charges can have a serious impact on a person’s life. If you are accused of domestic abuse or assault as a member of the military, the case can go in one of two directions. If you are accused by a civilian, the case will be handled by the civilian court system. If both parties are in the military, the cases move into a different arena.

There are two systems that can handle this as an internal military matter. The military justice system is a punitive system that will process and go through a trial for the charges. The Family Advocacy Committee will evaluate the situation and attempt to treat the issues, but does not levy punishments.

Life Changing Charges

Domestic violence and assault are life-changing charges. If a person is convicted while serving in the military, they face a discharge in addition to jail time or loss of custody if children are involved.

Attorney Garrison Wood is knows how to work with members of military and handle the charges they are facing.  If you or someone you know has been accused of domestic violence or assault, contact Garrison Military Law for a free review of your case right away.

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