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The attorney I worked with is a fine soldier and an even better lawyer! I’m a veteran, and I would completely trust him to protect my rights.

My attorney was always available to answer any questions I had. He answered all of my questions patiently, and his expertise and positive outlook really helped me get through my case. He has my most sincere recommendation. If I could give him six stars out of five, I would.

I would definitely hire this attorney again. When we first met, it was clear he knew how to best defend my case. I had no regrets about hiring him even though his office is in another state. My case was dragged out for five months, and he kept me informed at every step, texting or calling to answer any questions. His fees were reasonable – better than the competitors – and, ultimately, we won my case.

The attorney I worked with was fantastic. He is experienced in all facets of military law. If you are a member of the armed services, I cannot emphasize how important that is, especially in today’s world where you’re already at a disadvantage. Another client recommended him to me, and I would do the same. I refer my friends to him because I want them to have the best possible chances in court. I want them to have a lawyer who will do everything in his power to defend them. Some military lawyers just want to get time in a courtroom, but they don’t care about your outcome.

I had a case linger on for years. Over time, we became friends. I truly feel he was the only one in my corner who cared about me and my family. I cannot recommend him highly enough. You want him on your side when your life and livelihood are on the line at an MEB, trial, separation board, or any legal proceedings. 

My lawyer fought hard on my case. I would absolutely recommend the firm if you want the best chance of winning. I was wrongfully accused and went through a general court martial with the possibility of a lot of jail time. Not many soldiers come back from that, at least not scott free.

That’s exactly what happened in my case. My attorney won my case and I was found not guilty on all charges. Now, I get to be at home with my family and it’s all because of his hard work and determination.

First, I want to thank the attorney I worked with. I went through a general court martial that lasted more than two years. Over the course of the case, TDS as well as my command basically lied to me and did some underhanded things behind my back. I found my attorney six months before my GCM (you should not wait that long to hire him).

In the first week, my attorney uncovered so much information that I needed to know. He communicated with me regularly and got me information quickly when I asked.

He made sure I was informed of everything that was happening and what it meant. He worked with me on payment to make sure I could afford it. At the end, I was found not guilty on all charges. Again, thank you so much for all you’ve done to save my career and keep my family together.

My attorney became very important to me very quickly – we only worked together a short time, but it felt like a lifetime. In our district, things moved very slowly which amped up my stress levels. He always reassured me that everything would be okay. He has an immense knowledge of military law and our local system. I will use him if I ever need legal help in the future. Thank you for all you do!!

I was under investigation by the Army for a long time. I hired the firm right away. My attorney was always available to answer questions and give me updates throughout the year-and-a-half process. I was facing a general court martial for a number of overblown charges of domestic violence – 13 specifications of UCJM violations. I was at risk of dishonorable discharge and 31 years in jail. I was honest about what happened with my ex-wife. I know I went too far on occasion, but she was exaggerating the charges to collect a settlement.

On the day of my trail, the judge dismissed two charges even before the trail was over thanks to my lawyer’s hard work. He did a great job cross examining witnesses who spoke against me, and he impeached my ex-wife as a witness. I was honest about what I had done, but insistently denied the false charges. In the end, I was convicted on three counts of misdemeanor-level Assault Consummated by Battery, which I had been honest about, and not guilty on the other specifications.

For the guilty verdicts, I faced possibly 18 months in jail. My attorney emphasized my character and promise for rehabilitation. The prosecution was ruthless. He requested the panel to give me a bad conduct discharge with no jail time, and they agreed. My fees included his future services to have my discharge upgraded at some point. I owe everything to this firm! If you are facing any legal issues, you can TRUST what they have to say and lean on their decades of experience!

Our son was going through separation in the Navy. We hired our attorney to represent him for the past four and a half months. Our laywer has always been quick to respond to us even with his busy schedule. He has given great legal advice, but also reassurance and personal advice to get us through this challenging time. I would, without a doubt, recommend them to any active duty service member. The firm will fight for the rights and benefits you deserve.

I would not be able to continue my career without the help of my attorney. He worked tirelessly on my case, helping prepare materials and advise me. I was able to keep my career due to his legal knowledge and ability to navigate the military legal system on my behalf. He is honest and direct – that is priceless! I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

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