Cost of a Court Martial Conviction & Discharge

In the United States legal system, innocent until proven guilty is a key tenant and allows every person to feel like the system is protecting his or her rights. This holds true in the military, when criminal charges are handled in courts martial rather than civilian court. Despite the tenant of innocent until proven guilty, every time a case goes to courts martial, a person’s entire career and future are at risk, even if they are innocent.

How Much Will a Conviction Cost?

The seriousness of a conviction is often looked at through the lens of how long a person is incarcerated, but the monetary cost can be far greater. A conviction while serving in the military will often result in a discharge as well as jail time. If the conviction is for two years or longer, this likely means hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in salary and bonuses.

In addition to this lost salary, discharge from military employment can mean a loss of insurance for a person’s family. It can mean a loss of housing and repossession of assets like cars that cannot be paid off. And even when released from prison, a person’s earning potential is hamstrung for the rest of their life.

A Good Defense Is Always Worth It

Some people trust the system too much. If they are innocent, they believed the truth will set them free. Unfortunately, innocent people are convicted every day. Facts can be distorted and even small offenses can be made to look serious.

At the Law Office of Garrison, we make a difference in our clients’ cases. It is always worth it to get professional help, because without it a person will face serious penalties that can literally ruin their life.

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