Court-Martial Process at Fort Campbell

If you have been charged with a crime at Fort Campbell, you will likely have to go through the court-martial process, so it is important to be aware of how it works and how a court-martial can affect you. Military defense attorney, Garrison Wood, has dealt with numerous court-martials at Fort Campbell and can help identify the options available for your case.

As soon as you are arrested or charged with a crime, the court-martial process will begin. Once you are charged with violations against the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Commanding Officer will decide how to proceed and initiate charges. After the charges against you are read, you and your defense team may enter a plea. If you plead “not guilty,” then the court-martial will advance to trial.

Types of Court-Martials at Fort Campbell

There are a few different types of court-martials that you may deal with depending on a number of factors, including the charges against you. This includes:

  • Summary court-martial: This type of court-martial is the least formal, and is often used when enlisted personnel commit relatively minor offenses.
  • Special court-martial: This type of court-martial is thought to be the equivalent of a civilian misdemeanor court. In addition to having a military judge and attorneys, the jury will consist of at least three officers.
  • General court-martial: More serious offenses will go through this type of court-martial. Unless waived, a preliminary hearing will also take place.
  • Joint jurisdiction court-martial: In some cases, an offense falls under multiple jurisdictions. In this instance, a joint jurisdiction court-martial will take place.

How We Can Help

When you are facing a court-martial, it is important that you work with an attorney who understands the unique circumstances of the military and how to defend against your charges in accordance to the UCMJ. Military defense attorney Garrison Wood has the experience your case needs. To learn what your options are, give us a call today to set up a free consultation.

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