Discharge Upgrades after DD-214

After you are discharged from the military, you will receive a DD-214, which is a form that outlines the sacrifices you made for our country. The DD-214 is often used as a resume for future employers, and it is therefore extremely important that this form showcases your triumphs, successes, and abilities.

If your DD-214 lists anything other than “honorable discharge,” you could have a lot of trouble finding work and starting a new chapter of your life as a civilian. However, there is something you can do to try to change your discharge characterization.

Recent Case Results

A former Afghanistan veteran was charged in a “shaken baby case” in April 2017. One of our attorneys defended this case.

Client fully acquitted; currently working to upgrade client’s discharge.

Discharge Upgrades

It is possible that you are eligible for a discharge upgrade. Although you could file the necessary forms yourself, selecting an experienced advocate can prove highly beneficial. Your attorney can help guide you throughout the process and will fight for you.

Pursuing a Discharge Upgrade

Once you and your attorney ask for a discharge upgrade, the Discharge Review Board will examine your request and determine whether an upgrade will be granted.

There are several factors that the board considers when examining a discharge upgrade request, including:

  • The reason for the discharge
  • Your record of community service
  • Your general conduct
  • The length of time that has passed since the discharge
  • Family relationships
  • Reference letters
  • Educational achievements

How We Can Help

Preparing a discharge upgrade request and getting your case ready to be reviewed by the board can be a long, arduous process. Attorney Garrison Wood specializes in military defense law and understands the ins and outs of discharge upgrades.

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