Failure of Military Urinalysis

Types of Urinalysis Used in the Military

A urinalysis is used in the military to determine whether or not the service member is using illegal substances. Because all branches of the armed forces employ a “Zero Tolerance” stance, any member who fails a urinalysis is subject to disciplinary action under the UCMJ.

There are several ways that a branch of the military might collect urine samples. A few of the most common collection methods include:

  • Random Urinalysis
  • Probable Cause Urinalysis
  • Consent Urinalysis
  • Inspection Urinalysis
  • Commander-Directed Urinalysis

Positive Urinalysis Defense

When your attorney is preparing a defense for you, he or she must thoroughly examine and research methods that could have resulted in faulty testing, or a false positive result. Two of the most common defenses include:

  • Collection or Testing Error – The collection and testing method for urine samples are highly dictated and even a small deviation from the rules can be deemed a collection or testing error, which could make it possible to void the result of your urinalysis.
  • Unknowing or Innocent Ingestion – If you unknowingly ingested an illegal substance, or were mislead, or ingested the substance not knowing what it was, you might be able to use this as an excuse for your positive urinalysis result.

How We Can Help

A positive urinalysis can result in forfeiture of all pay and allowances, a demotion in rank, or even dishonorable discharge. However, it is possible for your charges to be reduced or dismissed entirely. At Garrison Military Law, we are committed to helping you fight back against the charges your face We will fight for your freedom just as hard as you have fought for ours. To discuss your options, give us a call or schedule a free review online.

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