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Fort Gordon is a military base located in western Georgia. Currently home to the United States Army Signal Corps, Fort Gordon plays an important role in keeping the United States safe from a variety of threats.

Recent Case Results

Case Summary: Service member was accused of premeditated murder, accessory after the fact, and obstruction of justice.
Outcome: Dismissed

Murder, accessory, and obstruction of justice charges dismissed.

Case Summary:
US Air Force Captain charged with numerous sex crimes in federal and military courts.
Outcome: Dismissed
Indictments dismissed.

Case Summary:
Recruiter accused of sexual assault.
Outcome: Dismissed
Dismissed through USAREC following the Article 32 preliminary hearing.

The Legal System at Fort Gordon

The thousands of men and women who call Fort Gordon home are subject to a code of laws called the Uniform Code of Military Justice. In effect at all active military installations in the United States, the UCMJ comprises the structures, laws, and procedures of the legal system in the armed forces.

The UCMJ is of immense importance to all men and women who serve our country. A violation of the UCMJ will have serious consequences on the rest of the career of anyone who is convicted.

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