Improper Sexual Contact Under Article 134 of the UCMJ

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) defines rules and codes of conduct that all members of the armed forces must follow. Article 120 of the UCMJ covers rape and sexual assault. Beyond that, Article 134 includes broad language that allows military courts to punish anything that discredits or dishonors the armed services.

What is “improper sexual contact” as defined by UCMJ Article 134?

Article 134 can be considered a catchall for actions beyond the ones specifically described in Article 120 and other articles. Under Article 134, “improper sexual contact” essentially includes any improper sexual contact that is not addressed in Article 120. It includes things like nontraditional sexual relationships, homosexual acts, adultery, misbehavior between officers and subordinates, and any other sexual act considered to be inappropriate.

Defending against improper sexual contact allegations.

The attorneys at The Law Office of Garrison A. Wood have handled many UCMJ violation cases, including Article 120 and Article 134 violations. The main defenses to these allegations include proving that the acts in question did not occur or proving that the acts did not constitute a discredit to the armed services.

What to do if you are facing sexual contact allegations.

The UCMJ uses broad, vague language to cover any and all acts that the military believes to be inappropriate. The attorneys that The Law Office of Garrison A. Woodunderstand the nuances of the UCMJ and the court-martial system. They help their clients navigate the system and fight to protect their military careers.

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