Military Separation

What is a Call for Separation?

Military Separation is a discharge from the military. Calls for separation may occur because of accusations of:

  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Insubordination
  • Poor performance
  • Inability to reach or maintain health or weight regulations
  • Uniform Military Code violations
  • A civilian court conviction.

Types of Military Administrative Separation Boards

There are two types of Military Administrative Separation Boards:

  • Notification Processing is the most common type, where everything is handled in writing.
  • Board Processing will result in your case being heard by an administrative discharge board because your Command is recommending you be discharged with an “Other Than Honorable”characterization. You may also be entitled to a board depending on your rank, length of service, and type of misconduct charges.

Who decides my case?

The board is made up of three members of higher rank than you. You are entitled to a defense attorney; and the command will be representated by a JAG Corps attorney serving as prosecutor.

Defending Your Case

A discharge may affect your veterans benefits or employment options. It is important to understand that if you are facing a call for separation, you have rights that include:

  • The right to appear with or without an attorney
  • The right to show that a member of the discharge board would not give you a fair and unbiased decision
  • The right to submit statements, testify, or remain silent
  • The right to request witnesses, question them, and submit evidence.

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