Naval Base Coronado Military Lawyer

Naval Base Coronado is a large grouping of several military installations. Together, these smaller installations make up much of the naval structure of the Southwest United States and serve a crucial role in the defense of this nation.

Life Under the UCMJ

Every person who serves as a full member of the military is subject to the rules and regulations as laid out by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If military personnel violate the UCMJ, they face an appearance in courts-martial.

When a person faces charges under the UCMJ, their freedom, financial health, and career are all in danger. Even a small violation can have a major impact on a person’s life.

Why Do I Need a Military Lawyer?

Since the UCMJ is a special set of rules that are specific to military personnel, good legal advice for people facing charges under the UCMJ must come from a military legal team. Garrison Wood is an experienced military lawyer, and he and his team are well prepared to represent a client under the UCMJ. Whether the charge you’re facing is large or small, professional legal help can make a difference.

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