Other Crimes

Violent Crimes
UCMJ Article 118: Manslaughter and Attempted Murder
Article 128 Assault
Article 126 Arson
Article 134: Threat Communicating
Article 134 Child Endangerment
Assault/Domestic Violence

Theft Crimes
Article 129 Burglary
Article 134 Unlawful Entry
Article 121: Larceny or Wrongful Appropriation

Non-Judicial Punishment
Air Force Non-Judicial Punishment
Army Non-Judicial Punishment
Coast Guard Non-Judicial Punishment
United States Navy Non-Judicial Punishment
Marines and NJP

White-Collar Crimes
Article 134 Bribery and Graft
Article 123 Forgery
Article 127 Extortion
UCMJ Article 106: Spying and Espionage
Military BAH/Travel Voucher Fraud
UCMJ and Credit Card Theft
UCMJ and Misuse of Computer Information

Drug Crimes
Failure of Military Urinalysis
Drug Use in the Military
Failed Military Drug Test Urinalysis

Sex Crimes
Article 134: Adultery
UCMJ Article 134: Pandering and Prostitution
UCMJ Article 134: Fraternization
UCMJ Sexual Misconduct Against Junior Soldiers
UCMJ Article 120b
UCMJ Article 120c
UCMJ 120c Indecent Recording
UCMJ Article 120c Indecent Viewing
UMCJ Article 120c Indecent Broadcasting
Unwanted Sexual Contact UCMJ
UCMJ Article 120e Proof of Threat
Sexual Contact Defined by the UCMJ Article 120
Aggravated Sexual Contact UCMJ
UCMJ Article 120d Abusive Sexual Contact
Improper Sexual Contact Under Article 134 of the UCMJ
Sexual Consent Defined by UCMJ Article 120
Unlawful Force under Article 120 of the UCMJ
“Force” Defined by UCMJ Article 120: Sexual Assault

General Courts-Martial
Special Courts-Martial
Summary Courts-Martial
Requesting a Court-Martial
Appealing a Courts-Martial Decision
General Court-Martial Process
Court Martial Appeals
Court-Martials at Fort Bragg
Court-Martial Process at Fort Campbell
Court-Martial Process at Fort Knox
Court-Martial Process at Fort Belvoir
Court Martial Process at Fort Drum
Cost of a Court Martial Conviction & Discharge

Discharge Upgrades after DD-214
Applying for a Discharge Upgrade
Military Administrative Separation
Discharge Upgrades & Court Martial Appeals

Other Crimes
Article 134 Obstruction of Justice
Article 117 A: Wrongful Broadcast
UCMJ Article 134: Violation of Parole
Article 92: Failure to Obey Order or Regulation
Article 133: Conduct Unbecoming an Officer
Military Retaliation and the UCMJ
UCMJ Article 130: Cyberstalking
Command Investigation & Military Defense
Military DUI Lawyer: Article 113

Mishandling Classified Information Law
Article 138 Complaints Under the UCMJ
Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
Filing an Article 138 Complaint
Military Rule of Evidence 513
Military Pre-Trial Agreements
Joint Jurisdiction

Free Case Evaluation