Article 120 Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges

Over the last few years, there have been numerous reports of aggravated sexual assault in the military. As a result, there has been a push for reform and harsher penalties for those who are convicted of committing this offense.

What is Aggravated Sexual Assault?

According to Article 120 of the Uniform Military Code of Justice (UCMJ), you could be charged with aggravated sexual assault if you engaged in unwanted sexual conduct with another person through the use of force, threats, fear, or bodily harm. This is considered a lesser crime than rape, but it can still hold very serious penalties for those who are convicted.

Possible Consequences of Aggravated Sexual Assault

If you are found guilty of aggravated sexual assault, you could be stripped of your rank, dishonorably discharged from the military, face up to 30 years in prison and be forced to forfeit all allowances and military pay. Your life in the military, and as a civilian could change drastically.

However, even if your case seems hopeless, there is still a reason to fight. Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible for you to be cleared of all charges, or walk away with reduced charges.

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