Sexual Misconduct Charges in the Military

Sexual misconduct may not hold the same implications as rape or sexual assault in terms of confinement, but the consequences of this charge can still be debilitating. If you are facing these charges as a military service member, it is important to have a lawyer who specializes in military law to help you fight to protect your career and good name.

Other Sexual Misconduct Defined by the UCMJ

Under article 120c of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the categories of other sexual misconduct includes:

  • Indecent viewing, visual recording, or broadcasting. An individual might be charged with this crime if he or she wrongfully viewed intimate areas of another individual without their knowledge or consent, or if he or she photographed, filmed or recorded an individual’s private area without consent, or if the accused distributed or broadcasted any of the above.
  • Forcible pandering. An individual could be charged with forcible pandering if he or she forced another person to engage in prostitution, which is defined as engaging in a sexual act that is caused or delivered in exchange for anything valuable.
  • Indecent exposure. An individual might be charged with indecent exposure if he or she exposed their private areas in an indecent way, which could be defined as in an explicitly obscene or vulgar manner. He or she may be charged with indecent exposure if the act occurred in any place where people outside the individual’s family could see it.

Possible Consequences of Sexual Misconduct

If a military service member is convicted of sexual misconduct in any of the categories listed above, he or she stands to be imprisoned, lose pay and be undesirably discharged from the military.

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