“Gary is the best criminal attorney I have worked with – across my seven years of legal practice and my time at Georgetown Law School.  God forbid I ever need a criminal lawyer, but if I do, Gary is the first and only person I would call.”

Malcolm Wilkerson


“I endorse Garrison. I’ve had a number of cases with him and greatly respect his judgment and his advocacy skills. Moreover, he also has outstanding character and cares about his clients and doing his best for them.”

Sean Marvin, Military Defense Attorney


“Gary was tasked, on the Thursday before a trial which began on Monday, to serve as lead counsel and my co-counsel for a highly contested sexual assault case. Gary traveled five hours, immediately began interviewing witnesses and reading the case file. Three days later, Gary led my team during trial which endured for nearly an entire week. Gary examined the most important witnesses and provided an incredibly moving closing argument. I, and every member of my team involved with that trial, remain truly amazed by his ability to perform magnificently while braving such a stressful courtroom experience. Gary is a rare legal talent and it is with pleasure I provide my highest recommendation.”

Jason M.


“Gary Wood’s legal acumen, tireless work ethic, and substantial experience are a model for litigation attorneys to aspire to.  I give him my highest recommendation without any reservation.”

Joseph Borland, Attorney


“I recommend Gary Wood without hesitation.  His knowledge of the law and his compassion for others are unsurpassed.”

Jenny Lohnes, Attorney


“I endorse Gary Wood.  When we worked together, Gary was always realistic about the strength of each side’s case, professional and personable, and was an effective court-room advocate.”

Daniel Dalrymple, Attorney

Former Senior Defense Counsel


“I endorse Gary Wood without reservation.  Gary is a trusted colleague and friend.  His legal knowledge and moral courage sets him apart from his peers.  I have had the privilege to sit by Gary’s side during trial and have seen his expertise on display first hand.  As a true Southern Gentlemen, Gary has the ability to persuade even the staunchest of judges and juries.  I can honestly say that if I find myself in a predicament, Gary will be on my short list of attorneys to call.  You won’t find a more diligent, professional and honorable man to represent you.”

Shawn Atkins, Attorney


“I had the pleasure of working with Gary when he served on active duty, trying several cases with him. Gary’s oral advocacy skills are second to none, and he has an ability to connect in the court room that few others do. His passion is matched only by his preparation and knowledge of every fact and every law in every case that he works. If you are looking for an attorney that will be with you every step bringing a passionate and effective voice to your case, then Gary is your man.”

John T. Soron, Attorney


“Gary is an exceptional litigator. I had the privilege of working with him for two years. During that time, I gained a deep appreciation for his unparalleled legal knowledge, judgment, and passion. Gary is a trial lawyer; he can read witnesses, make split-second decisions in trial, and persuade juries. With unmatched professionalism, Gary will provide his clients with the absolute best representation. I have no doubt that he will achieve great results on their behalf. I offer my highest recommendation.”

​Sean P. Mahard, Attorney


“Gary is a tremendous attorney, a zealous advocate, and a brilliant litigator. I have known him for several years and consult with him regularly. You won’t find a better attorney. Gary will meticulously review your case and can be counted on to give you an unbiased analysis as well as a realistic outlook. Gary will tirelessly fight for what is in your best interest and keep you informed the entire way. I highly recommend Gary and would hire him myself if my career was on the line.”

Yan Clermont, Attorney

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